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90% cure rate for HPV oropharyngeal cancer

Increased awareness and advanced treatment options for HPV mediated oropharyngeal cancer have contributed to this success.

We encourage parents of pediatric patients to immunize their children with the HPV vaccine.

Head and Neck CancerHead and neck cancer can take many forms, presenting itself in the oral cavity, nose, throat, skin, or even lymph nodes in the neck. Common causes of head and neck cancers include tobacco, alcohol, sun exposure and the human papillomavirus (HPV).

  • HPV and head and neck cancer: Once known as a tobacco- and alcohol-related disease, more than 70% of head and neck cancers are now mediated by the human papillomavirus (HPV)

Beginning with your consultation visit, each patient is thoroughly evaluated. For example, lumps or bumps in the neck are examined to determine if cancer is present in the oral cavity, larynx, salivary glands, thyroid gland, paranasal sinuses or lymphatic system. Similarly, lesions of the skull base that encroach upon the brain are carefully evaluated. This may include flexible laryngoscopy, biopsy or imaging.

If tumors are found, we favor a multi-disciplinary specialty approach, often collaborating with ancillary services in oncology, speech and swallowing rehabilitation, nutrition and home care from area hospitals.

Joint surgery may need to be performed with Dr. Coniglio and Dr. Miller, with Dr. Miller’s training in microvascular reconstruction.

Microvascular Reconstruction

Advances in microvascular, free tissue transfer have led to a greater cure rate in head and neck cancer than was previously attainable through surgery alone. In general, free tissue transfer — the transplanting of living tissue from one region of the body to another — has greatly facilitated the reconstruction of complex defects.

Patient rehabilitation in chewing and swallowing, speaking and cosmesis (the preservation, restoration or enhancement of physical appearance) are a direct result of free flap tissue transfer. Reconstruction now can be done at the same time as cancer surgery, eliminating the need for multiple surgical visits.

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